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Our strategy is to offer unique services at relatively cheaper prices. This strategy has enabled us to increase significantly our number of clientele and built a good working relationship. Our client base spans from organizations in every business sector such as; Embassies, Automotive, Mining, Trading, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, NGO’s, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Construction and State Agencies

Travel Consultancy

Go-World offers advisory services in the area of visa application and acquisition and all general advice on travels. A tourism advisory service is also offered taking into consideration the purpose of the tour; whether recreational, business or health.

Group Ticketting

With a minimum of 10 people, groups are given a special discount on the purchase of tickets. Whether for leisure travel, a Business trip or a special tour, a group of 10 or more travelling with Go-World you get the advantage of competitive fares and flexible ticketing. This is the perfect way to arrange travel for companies and group vacations..


Hotel Reservations

Go-World offers this service to its corporate client and individuals who are traveling in and out of Ghana. Go-World reserves and books a hotel upon the clients request and budget..

Vehicle Reservation

Go-World has reliable salon cars, mini and big buses for rental to every part of Ghana. Our well maintained cars make business and leisure travels enjoyable

Premium Service

Go-World has designed this service to meet and see off its client at the airport. This service is part of our corporate package but can be accessed by individuals as well upon request.

"Travel Ideas"

Whether you are a beach bum, adventure junkie, or devout worshiper of the weekend getaway: we have the best ideas and tips that will make your trips worthwhile. Want to know the best places to visit at particular times of the year, or the most serene hideout locations. The team here will assist you with selected destinations of choice for every type of getaway.

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